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Hello valued patients,

We have some exciting news to share with you! In order to provide better service, we have updated/upgraded our phone system. This means that we will also be getting new phone numbers for our clinics. While we know this can seem challenging, we have the old numbers and new numbers working simultaneously over the course of the next 3-6 months. We want this transition to be as streamlined as possible. Listed below are our new phone numbers. Please update your records accordingly. Thank you!

530-999-9010 Big Valley Health Center
530-999-9011  Big Valley Dental
530-999-9012  Big Valley Billing
530-999-9020  Fall River Valley Health Center
530-999-9030  Burney Health Center
530-999-9031  Burney Dental Center
530-999-9040  Mt Shasta Health Center
530-999-9050  Weed Health Center
530-999-9060  Tulelake Health Center
530-999-9070  Butte Valley Health Center
530-999-9071  Butte Valley Dental

Fall River Valley Health Center
43658 State Hwy 299 E. Fall River Mills, CA 96028

Mountain Valleys Health Centers is pleased to share their doors are opening June 3rd at their new Fall River Valley Health Center located at 43658 State Hwy 299 E., Fall River Mills, CA 96028. In order to provide better service to patients, the clinic will be upgrading their phone system along with a new phone number. The new phone number for the Fall River Valley Health Center will be 530-999-9020. The old phone number will roll over for 3-6 months.

Special thanks to our amazing community friends for attending our Fall River Valley Health Center Open House on Monday! It was a huge success. Thank you Shasta County Supervisor, Mary Rickert, for your continued support of this project. Thank you Big Valley Market for doing a fabulous job catering the food. And congrats to Beth Mann on winning the raffle drawing. We open doors June 3rd!!

Please join us for this special event. All are welcome! In order to serve our patients better, our phone system will be upgraded. This means we will be getting new phone numbers at all of our clinics. The new Fall River Valley Health Center phone number will be 530-999-9020. The old and new phone number will work simultaneously. We want the transition period to be gradual over the next 3-6 months. Thank you! 

WHO: For MVHC’s chronic pain and MAT program patients
WHAT: FREE Tai Chi classes
WHEN: Every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm-STARTING MARCH 6th!
WHERE: Rising Sun Fit Club at 37116 Main St. Burney, CA
WHY: Tai Chi is a preventative and curative branch of Chinese medicine, with many studies showing its health benefits for a wide range of physical and emotional challenges, including those relating to chronic pain conditions.

Tai Chi is a moving meditation.
Tai Chi is a lesson in “mindful” movement.
Tai Chi is the integration of mind, body, and spirit.
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art and exercise consisting of slow, relaxed movements for total self-development: for the body it is an exercise; for the mind it is a study in concentration, will power and visualization; and for the soul, it is a system of spiritual meditation. Through the practice of Tai Chi you will develop muscular strength, body control, sensitivity, timing, improved balance and posture, and a grounding, calming, and centering of your body and of your mind. Michelle will be teaching the Yang style short form. This form can be easily modified for all fitness levels and physical limitations. Tai Chi movements and breathing techniques can even be performed while sitting in a chair.

Michelle works in MVHC’s behavioral health dept. as an integrated services specialist and community educator. She is a Texas LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor). Michelle has over 30 yrs. experience as a health and fitness instructor, personal trainer, and martial arts instructor. She has toured nationally as a wellness expert, presenter, motivational speaker, and instructor trainer. Michelle is the owner of PROTECT Institute of Self-Defense and has appeared on Oprah, as Oprah’s pick for top female self-defense instructor.

Please email Michelle @ to register for,
or with any questions concerning, the Tai chi classes. A very special thank you to Rising Sun Fit Club owner, Megan Howard, for graciously providing the space and time for the Tai Chi classes.

Michelle Peterson

Mountain Valleys Health Centers is pleased to announce one of our physicians, Dr. Daniel Dahle, has been named Country Doctor of the Year!!

The Staff Care Country Doctor of the Year Award is presented annually to physicians who embody the spirit of America’s rural providers through their devotion, excellence, and unparalleled patient care. There were numerous submissions nationwide and Mountain Valleys would like to congratulate Dr. Dahle on this prestigious award.

“We are ecstatic for Dr. Dahle,” says Dave Jones, CEO for Mountain Valleys. “He has been with Mountain Valleys Health Centers for over 30 years and we are extremely grateful to have him on staff. I can’t think of a more deserving physician to receive this award. We would also like to invite our patients and friends to join us for an award ceremony on Friday, April 12, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. It will be a special day to celebrate Dr. Dahle and all are welcome. The ceremony will be at the Big Valley High School gymnasium in Bieber, CA.” Read the press release from Staff Care by clicking the link here.

The Staff Care Country Doctor of the Year Award is presented annually to physicians who embody the spirit of America’s rural providers through their devotion, excellence, and unparalleled patient care. There were over 60 submissions nationwide and Mountain Valleys would like congratulate Dr. Dahle on being a provisional finalist! On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, representatives from Staff Care interviewed patients, job shadowed Dr. Dahle, and were given tours of the Big Valley Health Center and Mayers Memorial Hospital District. The day was quite compelling and teary eyes were abundant as beloved stories were told of Dr. Dahle’s unprecedented patient care. Please stay tuned for more details in the next few weeks on the final selection announcement.

I found out I had breast cancer at the age of 50. It was June of 2016 and my husband had been after me to get a mammogram for some time since I had skipped getting one in 2015. I wasn’t having any    symptoms and I felt fine. I received a call just a few days after receiving my Mammogram at MD     Imaging. It was Sharon Hanson letting me know that I needed a sonogram because they saw something in my mammogram. I also needed to get a biopsy. Just a few days later, Sharon gave me the bad news. I never thought in a million years that I would hear those words from anyone.

The hardest thing I had to do was tell my kids that I had breast cancer. Each handled it differently. Three days later, I went to see a surgeon, Dr. Philben, in Redding. Within days, I had my first surgery, a lumpectomy. At my follow up visit a week later, I found out that I needed another surgery due to the fact that my margins were not clear (which meant that Dr. Philben didn’t get all of the cancer the first time) and she would have to go back in and take more tissue. At the end of two weeks, I received the news that the margins were clear and now I could start treatment, which for me meant Chemo and    Radiation treatments. I had 16 Chemo treatments altogether. The first four were two weeks apart and the remaining 12 were every week. Then I had six weeks of Radiation, going five days a week for six weeks. It was a very long few months. I had a wonderful support system through my family, friends, and this wonderful community. They all came together and helped me every step of the way. On my darkest days, my husband Rod, my daughter Heather her husband Robert, my son Zack and his wife Shunell, my daughter Dani Jo and her husband Adam, and my son Chad, along with all my grandkids and so many more family members and friends, helped me remember how much I had to live for. I had good days and bad for sure.

Now, I cannot stress enough to every woman how important getting a yearly mammogram is. It can save your life as it did mine and so many other women every year. It’s only a few minutes of being   uncomfortable, but it is worth it. I cannot stress enough to each and every one out there the importance of going once a year and having this life-saving x-ray done. I am living proof that it can save your life. As we head into the new year make it your new year’s resolution to get your mammogram.

Stick to having it done every year. Make a day of it. Go in the morning, have some lunch with friends and/or family and do some shopping afterward. Don’t put it off!!! I have been cancer free for 2 years now. I feel wonderful and I live each day to its fullest. I would like to give a special thank you to     Sharon Hanson, without her taking such great care of me then and now, I wouldn’t have known what to do. She was always there to answer questions and make my treatment go as well as possible. Thank you, Sharon, you are awesome! -Lisa Gallagher

Screenings to discuss with your provider!

  • Cervical Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • HIV
  • STDs

Mountain Valleys Health Centers (MVHC) is now offering Suboxone treatment in Burney and surrounding areas! Opioid dependency is a life-threatening condition, and the staff of Mountain Valleys Health Centers are here to offer our support in fighting this health crisis in our local community. Suboxone is currently the most effective treatment available for those struggling with prescription opioid or heroin dependency and is available at MVHC to everyone in our area. Some assistance with transportation and medications is available based on income, etc. Please contact Sam Glenn, LCSW at the Burney Health Center at (530) 335-5457 ext. 2009 for any questions or concerns about the MVHC Suboxone Group Program, or for assistance with scheduling an initial appointment.