Your Health Home in Rural Northeastern California

Management: Michelle Salters

Michelle Salters, CCO



I lived in Fontana, California, until the age of ten. My family moved to Burney in 1971 and I lived there until I married Addison Brent Salters in 1983 and moved to Big Valley.

I have worked in healthcare for a little over two years as a compliance officer.  Before this, I had many varied work experiences.

I have two children and six grandchildren that warm my heart and bring delight to an otherwise very quiet life.   I dabble in music composition, play the flute and the piano, and sing a little.  I also enjoy taking tap dance lessons on the internet and rockhounding.

I am very glad to be part of Mountain Valleys Health Centers. We play a major role in our communities by providing quality healthcare for patients and employment that supports families and the local economy. We promote wellness and strive to meet the needs and expectations of the individuals whom we serve.