Your Health Home in Rural Northeastern California

Board of Directors: Heidi Gerig

Heidi is originally from the Redding, CA area, but moved to Klamath Falls, OR to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. Heidi received her Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies from Chico State University and went on to get her Master’s degree in education from Humboldt State University.

Heidi has worked in education for 35 years, and counting, with 20 years of teaching under her belt and 15 years as an administrator. She is currently the Superintendent/Principal of the Butte Valley Unified School District in Dorris, CA.

Heidi became involved in the Mountain Valleys Board of Directors by first getting involved with the CARES team, where she met one of our Butte Valley Health Center staff members. She was then recruited to fill a spot on our board, where she intends to represent the Butte Valley area and give her community a voice in local healthcare.